Art Exhibition for Dogs – level 1

Art Exhibition for Dogs – level 1

26-08-2016 15:00

If you like dogs and art, this news is for you. There is an art exhibition in London. It is special. It is an exhibition for dogs. Dogs can have fun at the exhibition. They can interact with the art.

There is a model of a car. There is a fan next to it. Dogs can get in the car. They can put their heads out of the windows. The fan makes wind. The dogs feel like they are in a real car.

There is also a 3-metre dog bowl. It is filled with brown balls. They look like dog food.

The creator of the exhibition wants to make dogs happy. He says that dogs must play. It is good for their health.

Difficult words: exhibition (a show), interact (do something with something else), fan (a thing which makes the air move; you have this in your room when it is hot).

You can read the original story and watch the video in the Level 3 section.

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