Art Exhibition for Dogs – level 3

Art Exhibition for Dogs – level 3

26-08-2016 15:00

Some might consider a trip to an art gallery a perfect date, but now it's become a doggy play-date. Yes, this is an art exhibition purely for dogs. And it's interactive!

This one's called cruising canines where they can get the sensation of sticking their heads out of a car window, a favourite past-time for many a pup.

Just to confused them, there's a 10-foot dog bowl filled with play balls made to look like a dog’s dinner – it seems they've enjoyed that one. And finally, for dogs that don't mind a wash, there's a watery wonder with fountains magically jumping between dog bowls.

“I think that play is really important to a dog’s mental and physical well being, and I really hope that the artwork gets a lot of dog’s tails wagging.”

And it looks like it's working.

Difficult words: purely (only), cruise (travel, move), canine (dog), sensation (feeling),  wag  (move backwards and forwards).


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