Astronauts teach from space - level 3

Astronauts teach from space - level 3

27-06-2013 06:00

It was a lesson that 60 million schoolchildren in China will never forget. A live lecture where the tutor was in space, giving satellite lessons a whole new meaning. Wang Yaping made a water film with a water bag and a metal ring to show that the surface tension of water magnifies in space due to zero gravity.

Nie Haisheng, the crew’s commander, crossed his legs into a meditation sitting posture in the air, a move normally seen in the movies but only possible with special effects. And students were also shown how the astronauts measure their weight in the weightless orbiter because normal scales don’t work in space. A special scale is used designed on the basis of Newton’s second law of motion--a theory that probably normally goes over most people’s heads, but with this show and tell it’s definitely more understandable.

Interesting words: film (thin layer of liquid or powder), tension (nervous feeling inside your body), magnify (make bigger), orbiter (spacecraft that goes around a planet), scales (machine for weighing), show and tell (activity when you demonstrate something).

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