Australian animals: Wombat – level 2

Australian animals: Wombat – level 2

28-08-2011 11:00

The wombat is very rare animal and is in a big danger. There is only one small population in the Epping Forest National Park in central Queensland. Wombats are not friendly to people like kangaroos are, but we need to save them for future generations. Wombats have short legs and their bodies are about 1 metre long. Their name comes from the Aborigines who originally lived in the Sydney area. Wombats eat mostly grass and plants. They have a very slow metabolism. It takes about 8-14 days till the food comes out of them. This helps them to survive in dry conditions. Australian people have an unofficial holiday called Wombat Day. It is on 22 October when the aboriginal spring begins.

In this video you can see the wombat that is almost ready to go back to the wild nature. But it is still too friendly to be safe outside. You can see how it loves its human “mother”.

Written by Hana

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