Author of Seven Years in Tibet - level 1, A12

Author of Seven Years in Tibet - level 1, A12

06-01-2012 23:00

This text is about one man. His name is Heinrich Harrer. He was born in 1912. He was from Austria. He died on 7th January 2006. He was 94 years old.

He was a traveller, photographer and writer. He wrote 20 books. The best book was Seven Years in Tibet. People bought 4 million books in the world. It was in 53 languages. Harrer wrote this book about his life in Tibet, about his life with Dalai Lama and how he helped Dalai Lama with English. People made a film from this book in 1997. The film was with Brad Pitt.

Everybody knows Heinrich Harrer in Austria. He was on TV often. In October 2002 he got a present from Dalai Lama for his help to Tibet.

Written by David for News in Levels

Interesting words: bought, got.

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