Avalanche in Alaska - level 2

Avalanche in Alaska - level 2

06-02-2014 07:00

Around 4,000 residents from a town in Alaska are still cut off from the rest of the state after a series of avalanches over the weekend.

An enormous amount of snow, which is in some places 40 feet (12 metres) deep, fell down onto a highway. The highway is the only road to the town and it will probably remain blocked for at least a week.

Bitter cold temperatures have been moving southwards from the Arctic. In the Upper Midwest, some cities have had to close schools, and drivers were warned to stay off the roads because of dangerous driving conditions.

Difficult words: avalanche (mass of snow which falls down the side of a mountain), enormous (very big), bitter cold (very cold), Upper Midwest (upper middle and west side of the United States).

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