Awesome video of the sun - level 3

Awesome video of the sun - level 3

10-11-2015 07:00

No need to avert your eyes from the sun on here! NASA has released new high-definition images taken by its space-based telescope.

Naming the project 'Thermonuclear art', the footage was captured by the American Space Agency's Solar Dynamic Observatory. It snaps a photo of the sun every 12 seconds in ten wavelengths of invisible ultraviolet light. Each wavelength helps highlight a different temperature of solar material and each is assigned a colour.

At various times you can see solar flares, vast explosions of material bursting out of the Sun's surface, and coronal loops – solar material streaming up and down the lines of the Sun's magnetic field.

It took a team of specialists about ten hours to produce one minute of footage.

NASA also recently released footage of Jupiter in 4K HD, showing changes in the planet's Giant Red Spot.

Difficult words: avert (to turn away), thermonuclear (relating to nuclear reactions which happen on the sun), snap (to take), assign (to give), vast (large).


What do you think about this video of the sun and of Jupiter?

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