Babies with one body - level 3

Babies with one body - level 3

28-05-2013 14:00

They shared a liver, but were joined at the abdomen--but thanks to surgeons Shadya and Shandell from Peru have been separated and can now live independent lives.

In an operation that took more than 30 doctors and nurses eight hours, the conjoined twins had their liver split in two. They can continue to live because they didn't share a biliary tract and each had their own heart and other vital organs.

"The good news was that even though the twins were joined at the liver, they didn't share biliary tracts, which means they had their own bio systems. That was already a plus. The next step was to prepare the time of separation so that they could each have enough liver for their metabolic needs."

The surgery's been dubbed an accomplishment for Peruvian medicine. The proud parents of the twin girls expect to take their miracle babies home in the coming days. They're expected to fully recover but will have to undergo periodic monitoring as they grow.

Interesting words: conjoined twins (twins who share parts of their bodies), biliary tract (part of the digestive system), dubbed (named as).

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