Baby bird and boxer dog – level 3

Baby bird and boxer dog – level 3

26-07-2016 07:00

An unlikely friendship! This bouncing boxer dog has taken a baby bird under his wing

The adorable duo formed this unexpected bond after two-year-old Rusty took a shine to the chick after she fell out of her nest and landed in his garden. And the two can even be seen indulging in a spot of hide-and-seek.

They've already proved an Internet hit. Videos posted by Rusty's owner have been viewed thousands of times and counting. And little birdie has set up home, nesting herself in a potted indoor tree, although she seems to prefer nuzzling in Rusty's paws.

But despite their closeness, sometimes you need your friends to give you a little push in the right direction.

Difficult words: under one’s wing (take care of someone), duo (two of something), take a shine to (like something), indulge (enjoy), a spot (a little bit), set up (build), nesting (making a nest), nuzzling (friendly touching with a nose), a push in the right direction (help someone do something).


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