Baby boards a bus alone - level 3

Baby boards a bus alone - level 3

03-02-2015 07:00

Here’s a moment a one-year-old baby climbed aboard a bus on his own in Changsha City in Central China.

Neither the passengers or bus driver could see an adult taking care of the toddler. According to news reporters in China, the bus driver pulled over and called police for help. Passengers in the meantime volunteered to take care of the baby until the police got there.

Officers managed to track down his parents an hour later.

His mom said her little boy was playing outside her cell phone store when she realised he’d gone off somewhere. No harm done in the end. Something tells us he’s an independent little so-and-so.

Difficult words: toddler (a young child who is just beginning to walk), pull over (to move to the side of the road and stop), in the meantime (the time between the happening of two events), volunteer (to offer help), track down (to find), no harm done in the end (nothing bad happened), independent (when you don’t need the help of others), so-and-so (person).


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