Baby elephant at Berlin Zoo - level 2

Baby elephant at Berlin Zoo - level 2

08-01-2016 07:00

This month, an elephant was born in the Berlin Zoo. The birth came earlier than zookeepers expected, but everything went fine.

The baby elephant is a girl and people have not named her yet. She weighs 100 kilograms which is not much for a baby elephant. This is because she was born early.

She is one of the zoo’s seven Asian elephants. There are six African elephants at the zoo, too.

Asian elephants are endangered because people kill them for their tusks and destroy the places where they live.

Difficult words: expect (if you expect something, you think that it is going to happen), endangered (at risk of dying out), tusk (one of the elephant’s two long “teeth”).

You can read the original story and watch the video in the Level 3 section.

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