Baby elephant in Sri Lanka – level 3

Baby elephant in Sri Lanka – level 3

06-06-2016 15:00

Caught in a sticky situation, this baby elephant managed to get itself stuck in a drain. After finding itself in this tricky predicament, the young calf managed to be recovered from its tight spot after rescue efforts by local port workers and wildlife officials took place in Sri Lanka's Hambantota.

The port city is known for the hundreds of wild elephants that roam freely around the region. And it appears this calf fell down the drain whilst wandering around the main road near the port.

But it was a narrow escape for the baby elephant. It was safely taken away for medical treatment and is now only being treated for what's thought to be a broken leg.

And that's one lucky escape!

Difficult words: sticky situation (a problem), drain (a hole where water goes if there Is too much of it), predicament (a difficult situation), roam (to walk around), calf (the baby of a large mammal like the elephant), wander (to walk).


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