Baby hears for the first time - level 3

Baby hears for the first time - level 3

27-04-2015 15:00

It's enough to bring tears to any eye – this is the moment a baby hears his mother's voice for the first time. Little Elijah Cook smiled when he heard his mum's voice after he was fitted with his very first pair of hearing aids, aged nine weeks.

The touching moment was uploaded by his mother onto YouTube and has since become a viral sensation clocking up over a million views.

Elijah was born on the 2nd January and failed all his newborn hearing tests. He was then referred to a special program at a children's hospital in Minneapolis and fitted with hearing aids.

Since having his aid fitted, Elijah has been cooing regularly at his family. This, of course, has been music to his mother's ears.

Difficult words: fit (install/fix something into place), hearing aid (a thing in the ear which helps people hear), touching (to make you feel something), viral (spreading fast), sensation (something very popular), clock up (to reach a particular number), coo (to make small sounds), music to a person’s ears (it sounds very nice to that person).


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