Baby is born after a typhoon - level 2

Baby is born after a typhoon - level 2

20-11-2013 06:00

The recent super typhoon devastated the Philippines. It is said that 2,300 people have died and many lost their homes.

Six days after the storm, help is getting to those who need it. However, there is still much to do in areas where people have been looting. Soldiers try to maintain security in these areas.

It is nice to see that even amongst the death and destruction, life is not giving up. A woman gave birth to her 8th child in a church which now serves as an evacuation centre. She was with her family and when the baby came into this world, everybody started to clap.

Difficult words: devastating (really bad), loot (steal from shops or homes that have been damaged), give up (when you give up, you stop trying).

You can read the original story and watch the video in the Level 3 section.

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