Baby is born after a typhoon - level 3

Baby is born after a typhoon - level 3

20-11-2013 06:00

Amongst the death and destruction of typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), life carries on, along with births.

A church in Tacloban City, now serving as an evacuation centre, becomes a makeshift delivery room. Surrounded by family and a medical worker, Marilou Casim delivers her eighth child.

The newborn, quickly cleaned and wrapped up to keep warm, unaware of the audience and the reasons why they’re there. An anxious but smiling father, Reginaldo ponders what to call his little girl.

“I don’t know, maybe Yolanda.”

A fitting name, maybe, but only as it is what Philippine authorities called the storm. The super typhoon displaced more than half a million people and killed at least 2,300 according to an official estimate. Six days after the storm struck, the relief and rescue efforts are steadily getting to those who need it, but there is much to do in areas where soldiers are trying to maintain security amid cases of looting.

But as communities come to terms with their losses, they can maybe find comforts in these new additions born into a time of trauma and tragedy but amid hope that lives can be rebuilt.

Difficult words: makeshift (temporary), ponder (think about), displace (make leave), estimate (calculation), looting (stealing from shops or homes that have been damaged), come to terms with something (accept and deal with a difficult situation).

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