Baby on the balcony - level 3, A12

Baby on the balcony - level 3, A12

12-06-2012 12:00

A toddler in China’s Guangdong Province is left hanging by her head after slipping through railings on her family’s third floor balcony.

Footage shows the four-year-old dangling about 20 metres above the ground while a man named Zhou Chong risks his own life to prop her up.

“I thought that I could reach my hand up and let her stand on it and she would have more strength with her feet and be in less danger.”

Well, concerned onlookers gathered on the street below with bed sheets. The twenty-three-year-old held the toddler up for almost ten minutes before she was rescued.

“I didn’t think too much and just kept going. When I got down to the ground, my legs felt a little weak. And once I got home, both my calves were painful for two days.”

The family of the girl who managed to escape unharmed have since thanked Zhou for his heroic efforts.

Written by Danny for News in Levels

Interesting words: dangle, prop up, concern, gather.

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