Baby tapir is born - level 3

Baby tapir is born - level 3

14-08-2014 07:00

Chester Zoo has welcomed the birth of a baby tapir. The little calf was born on Monday to mum Jenny after a pregnancy period of around 13 months.

Tapirs, which are similar-shaped to pigs but related to horses, are often found in the jungles and forest regions of South America and Southeast Asia.

And this little one is the first male to be born at the zoo for 8 years. He’s already keeping zoo staff busy and they said he was up and about on his feet pretty quickly.

The baby tapir, which looks like a little hamburger, has a brown coat which features lots of white stripes and spots which will disappear as soon as he’s around six to nine months old.

Tapirs are considered vulnerable animals, as they’re threatened because of habitat destruction and hunting in South America.

Difficult words: calf (baby of a large animal), regions (places), be up and about (able to move), vulnerable (there are not many of this animal).


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