Baby walrus - level 3

Baby walrus - level 3

11-07-2014 15:00

The first baby walrus born in Germany was proudly presented today at Hamburg's Hagenbeck Zoo.

The zoo called the pup a 'sensation' and a 'premiere in the animal park's 100-year-old history', as births of walruses are rare worldwide.

Already sporting a beard at his young age, the walrus baby is already a local star.

As he waddled into the outdoor enclosure, blinded by all the attention, he promptly flopped into the water but was very well looked after by his mum.

For the Hamburg zoo, it's the first birth of a walrus calf ever.

In order to avoid any risk to the pup and its mum, they were kept in the relative calm and quiet of the zoo's interior enclosure.

As for the name of the walrus baby, it will be decided by the visitors through a competition starting next week.

Difficult words: waddle (to walk with short steps), blind (to be overwhelmed), promptly (immediately), flop (jump or fall), calf (young animal).


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