Bad policeman - level 3

Bad policeman - level 3

11-07-2014 07:00

Shocking CCTV footage has emerged of a police officer pushing over a man in a wheelchair.

“Woah! What the f***?”

A camera on a car dashboard in Indiana captured the moment an officer shoved a disabled man to the ground.

In the video, policemen can be seen talking to the 25-year-old wheelchair user Nicholas Kincade. They were following up reports that he said he had a handgun in his backpack while he was near his school.

Officers didn't find a gun on him but a pocket knife, which Kincade said was for personal protection.

“Woah! What the f***?”

When they were about to leave, Kincade ran over an officer’s foot, who responded by pushing him over causing him to fall out of his wheelchair onto the street.

“Now you're going to jail!”

“I didn't see you!”

“Oh my God.”

Kincade was arrested and charged with assaulting an officer, but the charges were later dropped.

The offending officer was suspended for 30 days and put on probation for a year.

Difficult words: CCTV footage (security camera video), dashboard (flat area in front of the driver), shove (push roughly), assault (attack), suspend (to stop somebody from doing their job), probation (time when you are watched and you must not do anything wrong).


Are you afraid of the police?

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