Bags with body parts - level 3

Bags with body parts - level 3

24-11-2014 07:00

Thai police have launched an investigation after the body parts of several babies were discovered in parcels addressed for the United States.

A Bangkok shipping company found parcels containing infant and adult body parts in plastic containers destined for Las Vegas.

It's been reported that the parcels contained a baby's head and a baby's foot sliced into three parts as well as a heart and a sheet of skin with tattoo markings.

X-rays showed there were contents similar to human body parts. From our investigation of three parcels, we found human body parts in five plastic containers. The packages were marked 'children's toys' but x-rays showed they were not children's toys.”

Police suspect two American men aged 31 and 33 are behind the gruesome package and they say they will contact the FBI.

Difficult words: launch (start), parcel (package), several (a few), infant (baby), tattoo (ink on the skin), x-ray (machine that analyzes through material to show what is inside), gruesome (awful, terrible).


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