Bank robbery fail - level 2

Bank robbery fail - level 2

26-02-2014 07:00

A man tried to rob a bank in Washington DC, but he wasn’t successful. A security camera captured the moment when he dropped a handful of cash inside the bank.

The criminal panicked and started throwing the money into an open umbrella because he didn’t have a bag. His bad luck didn’t end there. He tried to drive away in his car, but the police used stop sticks to flatten the tires. He wanted to escape on foot, but he fell on a patch of ice and cut his head.

The man is 42 years old and he stole $20,000. The police released a picture of him. He has a bandage on his head.

Difficult words: stop sticks (line of teeth which is put on the road to stop cars), tire (wheel), patch (small area).

You can read the original story and watch the video in the Level 3 section.

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