Bank robbery fail - level 3

Bank robbery fail - level 3

26-02-2014 07:00

This attempted robbery at a bank in a Washington DC suburb went horribly wrong for the suspect on Wednesday. A security camera captured video of the man as he dropped a handful of cash inside the PNC Bank in Laurel, Maryland.

The camera also picked up his frantic attempts to pick up the cash, tossing it into an open umbrella because he didn’t have a bag. His bad luck didn’t end there, though. According to local reports, he fell on a patch of ice and cut his head, as he tried to escape on foot after police used stop sticks to flatten the tires on his getaway car, as he sped through several neighbouring counties.

The Baltimore Sun reported that 42 year-old Robert C. Williams was charged over the robbery, in which $20,000 was taken from the bank. A mug shot released by the Laurel Police Department shows Williams with a bandage on his head.

Difficult words: suburb (area which is away from the city’s centre and where people live), frantic (extremely hurried), toss (throw), stop sticks (line of teeth which is put on the road), tire (wheel), patch (small area), mug shot (official photograph of a person’s face).

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