Bar with dog waiters – level 3

Bar with dog waiters – level 3

16-05-2016 15:00

They've always been man's best friend and now they've found a new way to win people over – by becoming "barktenders". Yes, these dogs have been trained to deliver people beer.

“What's the name of the bar?” I hear you asking. Bar D'Alsace-tian. And yes, it is Alsatians that will deliver you a nice cold Kronenbourg 1664 beer for free, if you happen to make a reservation and swing by the bar.

Now, they haven't quite mastered pouring a pint just yet, so how do these beers get to you? Well, attached to the dog's collar is a lightweight miniature barrel. You unlock that, and you’ll find a chilled bottle of beer inside.

The pooches are doing most of the legwork at this special bar, but there are a few humans on hand to restock the kegs. Get in there quick if you want a pup to bound over to you with a beer though, it's only open in London for a few hours this Friday.

Pretty pawsome, if you ask me.

Difficult words: barktender (this is a pun; bark – the sound which dogs make; bartender – a person who serves alcohol),, swing by (to stop by), attached (fixed to), pooch (dog), keg (a small barrel), pawsome (this is a pun; awesome – great; paw – an animal’s foot).


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