Be safe with a selfie stick - level 3

Be safe with a selfie stick - level 3

27-11-2015 15:00

In Russia, this isn't just a selfish stick. It’s now also being used as a method of self-defence.

“Unfortunately, there is not always a tool at hand, and not everyone can use force in martial arts. But if you have mastered some skills here, you can feel more comfortable and calm in the street. Moreover, I think this tool is very effective, not only for photography.”

This combat sports centre in Moscow invited those feeling vulnerable to learn some new selfie stick defence techniques.

“I decided to come here because it is very exciting. I think it is necessary to know how to protect yourself in a difficult situation.”

The organizers say their methods could come in handy for the Russian tourists travelling abroad to prevent robbery.

Difficult words: combat (related to fighting), vulnerable (in danger), handy (useful).


Is this a good idea to fight with a selfie stick?

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