Bear climbs a tall pole - level 3

Bear climbs a tall pole - level 3

10-07-2015 07:00

This video, posted to a social media, website captured the moment a bear reached the top of a tall utility tower to approach a birds’ nest in the Canadian town of Fort Smith. The bear was seen gripping to the top of the 30-metre tower as it hovered its head over the nest, ignoring the power cables surrounding it. The nest was a raven’s, and the birds didn’t seem too impressed with the intruder.

Linda Powell, who captured the moment on camera, said the ravens were very vocal during the bear’s ascent and descent. But unfortunately, the birds pecking at the bear did not prevent it from pursuing its dangerous hike.

Powell said that after the animal reached the ground, it casually strolled away. Just a normal Friday afternoon for a bear, then!

Difficult words: hover (to stay in the air above something), intruder (someone who intrudes – comes to a place that he should not go), ascent (a climb up), descent (a climb down), peck (to bite quickly and not very hard), pursue (to do something difficult).


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