Bear falls nine metres - level 3

Bear falls nine metres - level 3

25-04-2014 15:00

This huge bear in Florida had a bit of a rough landing on Monday, after it was shot out of a tree using a tranquilliser gun.

The bear had climbed 30 feet up the tree, which was situated right in front of a house in Panama City.

Animal welfare officials were waiting at the bottom of the tree with a large sheet of tarpaulin to catch it, but after being shot with the tranquilliser, the bear fell from the branches and tore right through the sheet!

Luckily, the animal was unhurt, but he might have had a bit of a sore head when he woke up.

Difficult words: tranquilliser (drug for sleeping), welfare (health), tarpaulin (large sheet of thick plastic which is used to keep rain off things), sore (painful).


Do you have wild animals near your house?

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