Bear visits people - level 3

Bear visits people - level 3

07-02-2014 15:00

Never mind the woods! This Scottish couple were in for a big surprise when they bumped into a wild brown bear on the porch of a house in Pasadena, California this week.

CCTV footage shows Bob and Irene McKeown leaving a house blithely unaware of the curious predator just metres away from them.

As the couple walk to their car and out of the camera’s view, the bear follows them. And that’s when Bob realised they had big furry company.

“And I said. ‘A bear. A bear, Irene! You stay in the car.’ There was a couple of scratches and a wee bit of bruising in the blood. I was very lucky.”

This particular bear has often been seen around the neighbourhood, eating trash and spooking the residents.

“It came right there and it just scared us and then we ran into our house.”

“He doesn’t look too harmless but it’s a wild animal. You never know. So it’s probably safe to tranquillise him or get him out of here somehow, you know.”

Despite the bear’s playful nature, it is still a wild animal, and should probably be relocated to stop it making house calls.

Difficult words: blithely (without any worries), furry (covered with fur), wee (little), bruising (little damage on your skin), spook (to frighten somebody), harmless (unlikely to hurt somebody), tranquillise (make an animal or a person sleep or calm down).

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