Bear walks like a human - level 3

Bear walks like a human - level 3

15-08-2014 15:00

Just your average day in this neighbourhood. Oh wait! There seems to be a bear walking like a human.

Yes, that's right! This fellow was caught blissfully unaware that he was being filmed walking on both his hind legs, taking a casual stroll in a quiet residential area in New Jersey.

Ian Bowman from Oak Ridge spotted the animal when he was leaving home early in the morning and quickly whipped out his phone to catch the unusual sight.

But it's not the first time this bear has been seen taking a casual stroll. After Ian uploaded the clip online, several people living in the neighbourhood said they'd seen the bear performing the very same stunt.

Difficult words: fellow (man or friend), blissfully (happily), unaware (not knowing what is happening), hind (situated at the back), casual (relaxing), stroll (walk), spot (see), whip out (to get out something quickly), several (a few), stunt (something unusual).


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