Beauty icon with Down's syndrome – level 3

Beauty icon with Down's syndrome – level 3

19-04-2016 15:00

"This is me and I'm glad I can share this to you, guys."

Fearlessly changing the face of beauty, Katie Meade has become the first woman with Down's syndrome to star in a beauty campaign.

"I can tell everybody that people with disabilities can have abilities, like I do. And I'm blessed to be part of this. And, it's amazing!"

Katie was born with a heart defect, battling health problems, as well as bullying, throughout her childhood. She eventually went on to compete in the Special Olympics. And now, 32 years old, she's the spokesmodel for hair care line "Beauty and Pin-Ups".

"The line is about the celebration of the empowerment of women and a look to the retro pin-up. And as we were developing new products, we had the concept for an amazing hair rescue mask. As soon as we knew the product was going to be called "Fearless", there was only one choice."

The company says picking Katie was nothing to do with her condition – it was for her courage and her attitude. They’ve even adopted her life motto:

"I love to tell everybody that beauty belongs to everybody, belongs to everyone."

No one more so than Katie.

Difficult words: battle (fight), bully (to do something bad to somebody who’s weaker than you; bullying often happens at school), spokesmodel (somebody who promotes something), empowerment (becoming stronger and confident), pin-up (a poster showing a famous or attractive person), attitude (the way you feel and think about things).


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