Belly full of cocaine - level 3

Belly full of cocaine - level 3

18-09-2013 06:00

A Canadian woman has been detained in Colombia after allegedly trying to smuggle two kilograms of cocaine out of the country stashed under a fake pregnant belly.

The twenty-eight-year-old woman was arrested after trying to board a plane back to Toronto.

"The National Police for the Anti-Narcotics Squad arrested a twenty-eight year-old Canadian citizen, Ritchie Tabitha Leah, who was trying to smuggle 2 kilograms of cocaine from the El Dorado International Airport. The Canadian citizen tried to fool public security forces by faking a pregnancy."

According to officials, two kilograms of cocaine could fetch up to $60,000 in Canada. If convicted for drug trafficking, Leah could face up to eight years in prison.

Difficult words: detain (catch and put at the police station), allegedly (it is not sure), smuggle (move something illegally), stash (hide), fool (trick), pregnancy (having baby), drug trafficking (buying and selling drugs).

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