Benches made from fallen trees - level 3

Benches made from fallen trees - level 3

16-04-2015 07:00

A designer from Sao Paolo is working with the city, making use of fallen trees to turn them into furniture to line the city’s parks, streets, and plazas. More than 1,700 trees fell over the rainy season, as lightning and high winds left the city wondering what to do with all the wood strewn throughout the city.

So they asked artists and residents to find ways to make use of the fallen trees. And one artist, Hugo Franca, answered the call. Franca’s been carving huge benches, furniture and play equipment out of the trees.

“We worked with the city and made use of all of the waste in the urban area, and through this process, worked the wood, the tree, given its shape, the organic formation and textures, and with this created a sculptured piece of furniture using all the residue in the city of Sao Paolo.”

Several of his creations are already being used as sustainable art furniture and residents come to them to sit and relax, have a chat or read as they enjoy the day.

Difficult words: plaza (an open area for people to relax in), strew-strewn (past participle; when pieces of something are thrown about), resident (a person who lives somewhere), answer the call (to help with a problem), huge (very big), urban (city), organic formation (natural state), residue (leftover things), texture (how something feels), sustainable (reusable and long-lasting).


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