Bermuda Triangle and lost planes - level 3, A11

Bermuda Triangle and lost planes - level 3, A11

05-12-2011 23:00

The Bermuda Triangle is known for its lost ships and planes. Even Columbus reported strange lights in this area. A lot of people got lost in this area. Sometimes whole ships or planes with all the people on board disappeared.

The most well-known case happened on 5th December 1945. 6 US Army planes with 14 men on board went over the Atlantic and never came back. 200 more planes were looking for them, but they found nothing, no people and no plane.

What’s more, during the search another plane with 13 men on board got lost. Again it was never found.

Nobody knows exactly why so many ships and planes disappear in the area.

Written by Danny for News in Levels

Interesting word: disappear.

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