Big bird in the streets - level 3

Big bird in the streets - level 3

04-06-2013 06:00

Rush hour can be a nightmare, especially when there's an ostrich on the loose. Cameras spotted this big bird weaving in and out of traffic in Zhangzhou City, China so fast that they had trouble keeping up.

The bird took a tumble when it was hit twice. Here, running into the white car and straight into a taxi driver, rarely enough time to click and upload to the net.

This big bird led police on a-four-hour mad chase. Eventually caught, the animal is recovering, albeit with a slightly wonkier wing. No one knows exactly where the ostrich popped up from but it's hoped the animal won't try and make a run for it again.

Interesting words: rush hour (when the traffic is very busy), be on the loose (be free), weave (run crazily), tumble (fall), albeit (though), wonky (not straight), pop up (come).

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