Big car hit a restaurant - level 3

Big car hit a restaurant - level 3

13-06-2013 06:00

Diners at this Taco Bell restaurant had to run for cover when a minivan crashed through the window.

Police say the driver crossed four lanes of traffic and across verge before ploughing into the fast-food outlet in West Chester, Ohio. A woman picks up a young girl as flying glass and debris spray across the room. Two people were taken to hospital for treatment.

The van driver suffered a medical emergency just before the crash but police don't believe she had been drinking. The restaurant had only just been refurbished and as a result of the crash suffered extensive damage.

Interesting words: diner (person who is eating in a restaurant), run for cover (run and look for a place to hide), verge (side of the road), plough (move fast), debris (pieces of rubbish), refurbish (renovate), extensive (big).

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