Big car hits a police car - level 3

Big car hits a police car - level 3

31-07-2013 06:00

"Please don't ram us."

Moments after worrying they might be rammed, a pickup driver near Stourbridge does just that, and rams a brand new police BMW before speeding off.

Audio from a car camera captured the tounge-in-cheek chitchat between motorway officers as they prepared to pull the driver Chad Harrison over.

But despite sustaining around £5,000 worth of damage, the new motor was still able to chase Harrison for nearly twenty miles.

And after getting out of his truck, a West Midlands Police helicopter tracked his movements across woodland, enabling officers to finally apprehend him in bushes.

Harrison, who admitted dangerous driving, driving while disqualified, failing to stop for police and damaging eight other vehicles during the pursuit has been jailed for 19 months and handed a seven-year driving ban.

Difficult words: ram (hit), disqualified (not allowed to drive), pursuit (following).

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