Big car on a bridge - level 3

Big car on a bridge - level 3

21-05-2013 14:00

A truck and trailer hang precariously on the edge of a freeway in Melbourne, Australia. The Bolte Bridge is cordoned off while emergency workers try to recover the vehicles.

The driver is thought to have swerved to avoid a car that had veered in front of him causing the truck to roll. The impact of the crash ejected the driver onto the road 15 metres below. Nearby workers immediately ran to his aid.

"There was no signs of obvious trauma, no blood or anything like that, no bones protruding or anything like that so I was amazed. I saw the truck as well hanging upside down and dark and I couldn't believe he was still conscious."

The driver, who is in his twenties, has had surgery in hospital while the truck and trailer were secured and cranes were being brought into to remove them.

Interesting words: trailer (unpowered vehicle pull by another), precariously (dangerously), swerved (quickly change direction), veer (change direction), eject (throw out with force), protrude (come out and be seen)), crane (tall machine for lifting heavy things).

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