Big carnival is in Brazil – level 3

Big carnival is in Brazil – level 3

11-02-2013 06:00

The 2013 Rio Carnival has kicked off in Brazil. Once again, one of the most extravagant celebrations in the world opened with a colorful show full of exuberant costumes.

Samba schools from all over the city take part in the festival, each one taking a great pride in their performance.

They compete in front of judges with each school given 90 minutes to parade the half-mile stretch of the iconic Sambadrome. Then they’re scored on their choreography, singing, and costumes.

The Sambadrome is the epicenter of the Rio Carnival, with performances continuing there for three days. In addition to the thousands filling the stands, millions will take part in street parties across the city, watching the action from the stadium on television.

Interesting words: kick off (launch), exuberant (colorful and complicated), stretch (long and narrow area), parade (walk and show), scored (judged).

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