Big demolition in Scotland - level 3

Big demolition in Scotland - level 3

07-08-2013 14:00

It was Scotland's tallest free-standing structure at 236 metres high but with two controlled explosions demolition experts brought the chimney at the former Inverkip Power Station in Inverclyde toppling to the ground.

About 700 charges placed halfway up the structure were set of one second before the detonation of 450 charges at its base. The chimney contained more than 1.4 million bricks and 20,000 tons of concrete.

Police used thermal imaging equipment on their helicopter to ensure no one was in the area when it came down. And an exclusion zone of 600 metres was put in place. The representatives from Scottish Power said the demolition team had been working towards the day for two years.

Difficult words: topple (fall down), charge (bomb).

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