Big fire in California - level 3

Big fire in California - level 3

09-05-2013 06:00

A giant fire has brought part of a city in California to a standstill. What was once an industrial yard in San Bernardino quickly became a giant ball of flames.

The site made wooden pallets for ships which had been stacked in towers but soon those towers were burning fiercely along with tires, trucks and propane tanks.

Thick black smoke could be seen from miles around. Emergency crews spent Saturday afternoon trying to battle the fire with high-powered hoses. A ladder truck was pouring water on the blaze at a rate of up to one thousand two hundred gallons per minute into the evening.

Southern California has suffered a number of wild fires recently caused by dry conditions which have been fanned by coastal winds.

Interesting words: standstill (stop), stack (arrange), fiercely (intensively), hose (tube), blaze (large fire), gallon (4.55 litres in the UK, 3.79 litres in the US), fan (blow wind near a fire).

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