Big hole in Florida is shown – level 3

Big hole in Florida is shown – level 3

09-04-2013 14:00

Inside the house in Florida where a giant cavity opened up, officials have released this video shot in February of the aftermath of a deadly sinkhole. It was here that 36-year-old Jeff Bush was swallowed up while he was asleep in his bedroom. When his screams were heard, his brother jumped into the hole and furiously dug to find him. Mr. Bush is presumed dead. As authorities say they are not able to detect any signs of life.

The risk of sinkholes is common in Florida due to the state's porous geological bedrock. As rain water filters down into the ground it dissolves the rock causing erosion which can lead to underground caverns and then sinkholes.  

Interesting words: cavity (hole), aftermath (period of time after some accident), sinkhole (hole make by the collapsed ground), presume (think that something is true but not sure), porous (allowing water to pass slowly through), bedrock (solid rock under soil or sand), dissolve (change into small piece by mixing with water), cavern (large cave).

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