Big moon - level 3

Big moon - level 3

02-07-2013 06:00

Time-lapse cameras show a so-called supermoon rising into the sky in  Australia. The once-a-year event occurs when the moon appears bigger and brighter than normal because its at its closest point to the earth. Dr Tanya Hill from the Melbourne Planetarium says the term "supermoon" was actually invented quite recently by NASA to try get more people interested in astronomy.

"The supermoon should really be called a perigee moon which is when the full moon occurs at perigee which is when the moon is closest to us on its orbit around the earth."

Any connection between a full moon and an increased risk of events, such as earthquakes and volcanos, is well documented but dismissed by many scientists. The supermoon occurs when the full moon passes earth around 15,500 miles closer than normal. The next one won't happen until August next year.

Interesting words: time-lapse cameras (cameras which take many pictures for a long time), perigee (close point of the moon to the earth), orbit (way of moon and satellites around the earth).

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