Big protests in Egypt - level 3

Big protests in Egypt - level 3

19-08-2013 06:00

This footage taken from an Egyptian internet-based news outlet shows what it claims is police firing live rounds on protesters on Wednesday in Cairo.

It's believed hundreds have been killed and more than a thousand injured after a raid on supporters of Egypt's deposed Islamist president Mohamed Morsi in Cairo and in other violent clashes in the country.

In the streets of north-east Cairo, where thousands of Morsi's supporters have staged a sit-in for the last six weeks, riot police took cover behind armed vehicles and fired reportedly live rounds and tear gas at protesters.

The presidency's announced a month-long state of emergency across Egypt and ordered the armed forces to help police in full security. A curfew has also been introduced.

Wednesday's assault prompted wide-spread condemnation. Turkey urged the UN Security Council and the Arab League to act quickly to stop a massacre in Egypt and Iran warned of the risk of civil war.

Difficult words: live rounds (real bullets which kill), raid (surprise attack), deposed (removed), clash (fight), sit-in (form of protest when protesters sit somewhere and don't go), riot police (police which fights with protestors), reportedly (people say it but it is not sure), assault (attack), condemnation (disagreement with the situation), urge (tell intensively).

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