Big protests in the US and Europe - level 2

Big protests in the US and Europe - level 2

17-10-2011 8:00

Protests in the night, 600 people met in the heart of London’s financial centre on Saturday evening. Many were trying to stay in the area by St Paul’s Cathedral.

The protest is a part of the global protests. People want change in the world’s political and financial systems.

The protest was very big in New York’s Time Square. Protestors stopped traffic. The atmosphere was like at a festival.

The situation was totally different in Rome. The protests on the streets were very wild. The police car started to be on fire. Policemen got away before the whole car was on fire. Police used tear gas. Thousands in Rome were a part of the global day of protests against politicians and bankers.

Written by Danny

Interesting words: area, global, traffic, tear.

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