Big Sandcastle in Germany – level 3

Big Sandcastle in Germany – level 3

09-09-2016 15:00

What happens if your childhood summer dream like building sandcastles gets bigger and bigger as you grow up? You build a 14-metre sandcastle, of course.

For weeks, international artists worked on their sandcastle, piling up tons of sand and carving fine details into the giant sculpture. One artist said that the build was not plain sailing after parts of it came down after just one week, but the team decided to carry on working.

Visitors came to Germany to see the castle being built and judged by the Guinness World Record officials. The officials confirmed that the current record stood at 13.97 metres and the new sandcastle measured in at 14.15 metres.

However, there was a problem. The artists forgot parts of wood in the castle which they used during the build, and according to the Guinness World Records, a sandcastle can only consist of sand and water. Therefore, they did not set a new Guinness World Record on that day.

Difficult words: pile up (to put things on top of each other), carve (cut to produce a design), plain sailing (smooth and easy progress in a process or activity).

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