Big sapphire from Sri Lanka – level 3

13-01-2016 15:00

A big blue globe – you could be forgiven for thinking this sapphire is a planet and weighing in at 1404.49 carats, it could cost you the world.

Sri Lanka’s Gemmological Institute of Colombo say that it’s discovered what’s believed to be the world’s largest blue star sapphire. Sri Lanka, famous for its precious stones, claims that the world’s three largest blue star sapphires are from the country.

The gigantic gem’s current owner requested to remain anonymous for safety reasons. The Sri Lankan businessman claims that the stone could sell for up to 175 million dollars at auction.

His name is Sapphire the Star of Adam, after a Muslim belief that Adam was sent from the Garden of Eden and arrived in Sri Lanka, where the tears he shed while seeking God’s forgiveness turned into gems.

Possibly soon to be one of the most expensive sapphires ever sold, but for now, its current owner has the world in his hands.

Difficult words: globe (a round object), to cost the world (this is a pun – it means to be very expensive and the sapphire is being compared to a planet), star sapphire (a sapphire which reflects a starlike image), claim (to say), gigantic (very big), gemmological (relating to gemmology – the study of gems, precious stones), world in his hands (this is a pun – it means to have everything you will ever need and the sapphire is still being compared to a planet).


What do you think about this sapphire?


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