Big shark in Philippines - level 3

Big shark in Philippines - level 3

10-09-2013 06:00

A young whale shark has been found dead off the coast of the Philippines.

Villagers saw the shark drifting in Manila Bay before bringing the carcass mainland.

The 22 foot-long body was hauled onto the back of a truck near the coastal Tanza Town and taken to a local fisheries bureau for tests.

They found no visible wounds on the shark's body and suspect it could have eaten something lethal in the bay.

"Before we bury it, we need to open up its belly to find out the cause of death. We will do a laboratory test and see the results later. Since the fishermen found the whale shark dead, it could have ingested something."

Local fishermen say they saw the shark eating small shrimps on Tuesday and found the animal dead the next day.

Manila Bay is considered to be one of the most polluted bodies of water in the Philippines where solid wastes and heavy metals from shanty communities contaminate the waters.

Difficult words: drift (be carried by water), carcass (dead body), haul (move), bureau (office), lethal (able to kill you), ingest (eat), body of water (part of the sea), shanty (poor people's small house).

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