Big storm in Sydney - level 3

Big storm in Sydney - level 3

12-03-2014 15:00

Rolling in over Sydney Harbour, a storm befitting the word menacing, swallowing up the light and creating a dark sky full of rain interrupted by flashes of lightning. This wasn’t a scene out of a movie but Wednesday. It’s hard to believe that the morning had been the sunniest and warmest that week according to meteorologists. But in the afternoon, it took a major turn for the worst.

Standing still was not an option. And although some employed to use of umbrellas, somewhat ineffectively, others succumbed to the elements.

If you were travelling by roads, it was slow going with delays on public transport, too. Some flights to Sydney’s airport were diverted to Canberra and Brisbane. Some residents took to Twitter to call this ‘apocalyptic’. But this isn’t the end, if you have been listening to the forecasters. They’re saying there is more storm potential over the next few days.

Difficult words: menacing (threatening), employ (make use of something), succumb (give up), divert (to change the direction), apocalyptic (the end of the world).

What was the worst storm in your life?

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