Big talent in China - level 3

Big talent in China - level 3

09-09-2013 06:00

Meet China's Wang Wuka, the three-year-old with an exceptional talent.

The little snooker prodigy has wowed fans with his skills, in one video even potting 15 balls in just ten seconds.

And it's little wonder he's so good. His father, a keen snooker enthusiast, had the table installed when he was born, denying him any other toys.

And nowadays, at the tender age of just three, little Wuka spends five hours a day practising. Other toddlers take note!

Difficult words: exceptional (unusually good), snooker (game with the special green table, sticks and balls), prodigy (young genius), pot (hit), keen (very interested), enthusiast (somebody who is very interested in something), tender (very young).

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