Big wave in Portugal - level 3

Big wave in Portugal - level 3

16-01-2014 14:00

A large and powerful wave sent this crowd of people scrambling for safety, as it crashed over a seawall in Portugal.

Amateur video footage recorded the moment the wave swept up the beach and flooded over the shoreline.

The crowd had gathered on the seafront to watch the waves lap against the shore but fled, as the strength of the wave became evident. After it hit the shore, roads were left flooded and water flowed down the streets.

It’s thought the stormy weather in the Atlantic Ocean has stirred up waves of up to 60 feet (18 metres).

In Spain, one person is reported dead and two missing, as a giant wave there swept three family members out to sea.

Some residents in Northern Spain said their windows were broken by the force of the waves and boats and docks were badly damaged.

The fierce storms have led Spain’s weather agency to put seven regions on high alert.  

Difficult words: scramble (move quickly), sweep (move with a lot of force), lap (come up the land), flee (run away), stir up (cause to move), fierce (powerful and destructive), agency (organization).

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