Birds fly like a cloud - level 3

Birds fly like a cloud - level 3

13-02-2015 15:00

This incredible footage shows thousands of starlings flying together in a murmuration in southern Israel. The flock of starlings forms beautiful, dark clouds moving in the sky. A murmuration occurs when starlings fly in synchronicity, creating what seems to the eye to be a black cloud that randomly changes direction and form.

Experts say the synchronised movement is aimed at helping the birds find food and creating a defence mechanism against birds of prey, which usually try to hunt individual birds and rarely attack big flocks. Huge flocks of synchronised starlings like this are beginning to return to Israel for the first time in 20 years. Today, hundreds of thousands of starlings inhabit Israel, compared to millions in the past.

Difficult words: incredible (amazing), starling (a small bird from Europe), murmuration (a flock of starlings), occur (happen), synchronicity (when things happen at the same time), random (when things happen without a plan), form (shape), synchronised (when things happen at the same time and with the same movements), defence mechanism (a way to defend yourself), bird of prey (a large bird that eats smaller birds), flock (a large group of animals), inhabit (to live somewhere).


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